By Rhea Manila Santos
Posted on 08/26/2011


Always up to trend with the best and simplest ways of being healthy, Kris shares her latest discovery: JUJU CLEANSE, a three-level cleansing program that involves juice fasting and can be tailor-made to fit your existing lifestyle and dietary history.

Formulated with the help of doctors from The Farm at San Benito, Juju Cleanse is the brainchild of couple Kat and David Azanza. Each Juju Cleanse kit contains six 500-ml. glass bottles filled with detoxifying juices formulated to keep you nourished within one whole day in order to help the digestive system cleanse itself.

Made fresh every day in the Juju kitchen, the kits are delivered to each customer the night before they start the program. There are three-level programs to choose from, with level one having the most variety of juices in the pack. Your taste buds will be busy with concoctions like the Spicy Limonada, the Alkazest grapefruit cocktail, and the Green Bomb, which is a green juice packed with romaine, spinach, celery, cucumber, malunggay, wheatgrass, and pineapple. Every mixture is calibrated in a way that makes it palatable to drink yet not too sweet. Each bottle is undiluted  and is in its purest form, giving you an equivalent  of about 12 pounds of vegetables in one day.

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